About Us
Adams Management Agency!is a part of a broader corporation,!Adams Group, that was established in 2012. It is active in the
industrial machinery supply, health, hospitality, education, media, and tourism industries with 8 oces worldwide.#
Adams Management Agency was naturally born in 2019 with a vision and experience in dierent fields from thousands of happy
We provide commercial construction & management, security & concierge services with experts in their fields. In addition to
these, we also cater to businesses in New York and New Jersey.#
Along with our lounge at JFK Airport, we have ongoing big-scale construction & hospitality projects in Livingston and Fairfield,
New Jersey, and Bronx, New York.#
Our mission is to deliver a frame braking service to high-end consumers and businesses.
Turkish Airlines Lounge at JFK Airport
A Top-Tier Experience
We recently opened our flagship lounge at the heart of JFK International Airport to serve all Star Alliance passengers. We build and
manage with care to detail and aesthetic, and we proudly had great feedback from our guests within a short period of time.#
Our team at Adams Management Agency also handles HR for recruiting and managing employees for this location.#
We research and develop to serve more guests in current and future locations.
Eatery Cafe Kitchen
Delight in Every Bite
With the vision of 20 years of experience in hospitality, we’ve proudly launched our eatery/catering branch ‘Eatery Cafe Kitchen’ in
Fairfield, NJ. In a very short period of time, our guests welcomed and alluded to us in the warmest way. %
We are now catering businesses and private events in the NJ-NY area, and are about to open an employee cafeteria at JFK
Airport terminal 1 in March 2023. Learn more at www.eaterycafekitchen.com
Eatery Cafeteria at JFK Terminal 1
Delight in Every Bite
We plan to open an employee cafeteria that will serve 3,000 sta members at JFK Airport Terminal 1. Our cafeteria will bring
comfort food to one of the most important elements of the aviation industry; the employees.
Move on faster
Our new service Vip-Pass-USA eliminates all the stressful parts of traveling and leaves the joy of traveling for our guests to enjoy. #
Along with our lounge, we oer; #
- White-glove limo service with new luxury cars and experienced drivers#
- Fast track service for our guests to skip long lines at TSA#
- Duty-free service which our guests can order online through our website and pick up when they arrive at the airport without any
Learn more at www.vippassusa.com
Air Clinic JFK
The Care You Deserve
Our primary care clinic at JFK Airport Terminal 1 welcomes all employees and travelers for the necessary medical practices and
care. Our doctors are ready to help with;#
- Covid-19 testing (Same-day result)%
- HIV testing#
- Routine care#
- Immunization / Vaccination#
- Annual Physicals / Well visits#
- EKG#
- Behavioral health concerns#
- Care for chronic conditions (DM, HTN, OA)#
- TLC / Driver’s license eye test Learn more at www.airportclinics.net
Adams Health Services
Hassle-free Covid-19 Testing
The pandemic diverted almost all of our lives, including civil aviation. Airlines had to place restrictions to ensure the safety of their
employees and passengers. This is where we stepped in to make it less stressful for travelers and hard working employees.#
Adams Health Services has been providing 1-hour expedited PCR and 30-minute antigen testing for all travelers at JFK Airport
Terminal 1, along with travel documents at no additional cost for over 2 years.
Learn more at www.adamshealthservices.com
Adams Construction
Builds Trust
Distinguished approach to construction, using the best materials by the best engineers.#
We built the Turkish Airlines lounge at JFK Terminal 1 from start to finish, and have ongoing residential and commercial projects in
NJ & NY.
Disinfection Services
Virus-free for All
We provide professional disinfection services for airlines and transportation businesses in the NY-NJ area. Our services include;#
- Pre-cleaning/disinfection for general areas#
- UV-disinfection#
- Electrostatic Sprayer#
- Steam Cleaning#
Our highly-trained team uses water-based & eco-friendly BIOPROTECT disinfectant products that provide a preservative
antimicrobial coating on porous and non-porous-surfaces.
Learn more at www.adamsmedical.net
Management Team
Twenty-four years of experience in
the aviation and service industry
determines her to provide superior
value in her work.#
Having lived and worked in many
local and international cities added to
her international background and
expertise opens the door to
managing our company worldwide.
Steven Morris"
Adams Group"
Business Development Director
Hakan Karaahmetoglu"
Adams Management Agency"
Turkish Airlines JFK Lounge Manager
He had been working in dierent
managerial positions both in Turkish
Airlines and Turkish Ground Service
for 26 years.%
His college degree is “Tourism and
Hotel Management” and his
bachelor's degree is in “Marketing”%
Several universities had an
opportunity to have him give lectures
about Civil Aviation.
(917) 992-4517
(973) 349-9740
Emine Bayram"
Adams Group"
Director of Operations
Janine Polikar"
Adams Management Agency"
Business Development Director
With more than thirty years of
management experience in the
construction and food industry, he is
now giving his vision and creating
solutions for Adams Group and its
Four years of solid, in-depth
operations management.!
In her most recent position as the
Director of Operations, she has
demonstrated a tremendous ability
to support and maintain numerous
operational business objectives."
(973) 228-4293
(973) 228-4293
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JFK Oce"
JFK International Airport Terminal 1 Bd 55 Jamaica, NY 11430#
+1 (973) 228-4293#
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